Who We Are

Established in June 2012 by Paul Christoph and Camila Pohlmann, professionals with wide knowledge of the Brazilian publishing market and the international scene, our literary agency’s mission is to find the right home for each book or author.

We represent international agencies and publishers interested in having their books translated into Portuguese and released in the Brazilian market, as well as domestic authors in search of strategic career planning. We also work on corporative projects, facilitating negotiations and minimizing barriers between companies and publishers.

Our team has many years of experience in the book business. Paul Christoph has been an editor since 1977, with unique expertise in Editorial, Acquisitions and Commercial areas. He has worked for major publishers such as Campus / Elsevier, Ediouro and Sextante. Camila Pohlmann is a journalist, and until 2012, worked at publisher Objetiva, in Communication and Marketing.

We follow all phases of the publication of a book, guiding and advising our clients through the whole process. From the development of an effective proposal to editing a manuscript; from the selection of possible interested publishers and handling of submission chores, to contract dealing and payment monitoring. More than that, we aim to act as creative and business consultants, providing our clients with new views and opportunities.

As agents, much of our work is conducted in close collaboration with publishing houses, in order to guarantee that our clients have a voice on critical aspects such as design, advertising and marketing decisions. In a scenario where the roles of publishers and authors change rapidly, we are at the forefront of the effort to secure rights and satisfaction of our clients.